A Christmas Miracle

This time of year folks like to watch and read about uplifting stories and events.  This morning as I opened my electronic mail, I received these photos from a family we have helped in Guatemala. And my heart was full of JOY and ENCOURAGEMENT as I opened each photo.  What you are seeing is nothing but GOD in action!  There is a 3 or 4  year story behind this photo.

When we first met Mynor and Griselda their smiles and personality were infectious.  They were both bound to a wheel chair and have not walked for well over 10 years.  In my spirit God gave me a desire and passion to help them.  So I began to pray and ask God to heal them and for HIM to send me someone to help lead the way to recovery.  As I have written about in previous articles, God sent The Baum Family to bless these precious two children.  You see, Ron is a physical therapist who GOD sent as a direct answer to prayer.  He worked with them for a week in Guatemala and we made instructional videos to leave as a record for them and others that pledged their support to help.  We even witnessed God provide a walker and each child stand and take their first steps in well over 10 years.

However, once we left Guatemala, the pledged help from volunteers to help these children with their therapies, never materialized.  Even after much pleading and offering to pay folks for their time and travel expenses, no help.  I was getting frustrated and discouraged, and felt helpless.  Speaking on a regular basis to the children’s father, working here in the States to try and support his family back in Guatemala, I apologized over and over because I was not able to mobilize the help he needed for his children.  He assured me that it was ok and that the children were managing on their own.

In life people will let you down because of our sinful nature.  But one thing I have learned over and over through the years is the fact that GOD IS FAITHFUL and HE will NEVER let you down!  Today, these photos of Griselda walking and Mynor smiling as he watched his sister, gave me great encouragement, that God was still in control.  And I want to encourage you, be a part of a miracle, do something!