CHE-Community Health Education & Evangelism

In September this year 2014, we will begin a new journey and a new form of evangelism.  This style of evangelism takes a wholistic or transformational approach.  What is that you ask?  The purpose and approach of Community Health Evangelism (CHE) is not just breaking the cycle of poverty or planting churches, although they both are accomplished through CHE, but a deep transformation in lives and communities that goes to the root of our problems, our sinful heart.  CHE seamlessly integrates evangelism, discipleship, and church planting with community health and development.  This is a wholistic approach, seeking to obey everything that Jesus commanded and addressing the whole need of individuals and communities both physical and spiritual.

We will, Lord willing be breaking ground on our new educational and resource center, that will be one of the first steps in this transformational process.  Although the center is just a building, this physical structure will bring hope.  It will help unite the people and bring them together for the common good, their children and future generations.  It will help bring together volunteers in the community and bring forth a feeling of ownership and dignity, restoring that identity as made in the image of God as stewards of everything He created, instead of being controlled or victimized by their environment, they are stewards of it.

We are looking forward to this new and exciting chapter in our lives as we go to be His hands and His feet in Guatemala.  We really need prayer warriors and folks that can invest in our ministry.  When you invest in our ministry, it is not an investment in a project such as a school or clinic, but rather an investment in a process of human development, that Lord willing will become a fountain of change in the community for generations to come.  It is also an investment in a mission that unashamedly proclaims Jesus Christ as the Lord and Saviour and the only way to true and lasting transformation.

Will you become a partner with us?  PGG-Pray, Give, Go.  It takes all three.  We need prayer warriors, we need givers, and we need goers.  We are following what God has called us to do, we are not fleeing as Jonah did.  What about you?