A New Church Plant

In June 2015 we walked a new village for us named Limon with our ministry partners at Radio Redencion in Gualan.  This little village is located down a dirt path just behind the City of Gualan.  The houses are made of mud, sticks, tin, plastic, and other materials typically found in extremely poor villages in Guatemala.  Little toddlers run around naked, while the older children wear extremely worn out clothes and shoes.  Their water supply is a nearby creek.  Yet despite this severe poverty, there are beautiful smiles of hope as the Brothers and Sisters from Radio Redencion share the good news of Jesus Christ and that God loves them!

While Brother Giovanny and I were walking through this village, he was sharing his heart and vision that God gave him for these people.  I listened in awe as he poured out his heart, as this too was my hearts desire and vision to help the people in Guatemala.  I described our Community Health Education & Evangelism Program with him and promised to send him the information upon my return.

Within just a few weeks of having and studying the program, Brother Giovanny began to hold meetings to teach this program.  The services began to grow, and within a few weeks there were over 80 adults and 80 children attending the services in Limon with many professions of faith being made weekly!  The Bible studies also included life lessons that tied into the lesson.  The team began to help a family a week clean and organize their home in a way that would help promote a healthier life.  Lunch was provided for the family.

Snacks, treats, and sometimes meals are provided for them as funds are available.  Radio Redencion now has 50 children in their weekly program.  This program provides a hot meal 3 times a week, Bible stories and lessons, fun activities, and other life lessons that they can take back and share with their families.  Such examples are how to properly wash their hands and brush their teeth.  We saw them washing their hands with soap thoroughly before they ate, and afterwards brushing their teeth thoroughly after their meal.

His Hands International is praying and seeking ways that we can come alongside them and help reach even more children with the Gospel.