Education is the Key to Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

This week we began classes in our new multipurpose building.  Can you imagine what you would do if you could not read or write?  For a majority of American’s this is not a problem because we were taught to read and write in school or at home.  In Guatemala education is not an option for the extremely poor.  The children take care of each other while their parents work all day to make enough money just to feed them for a day.  His Hands International has a plan to change this cycle of poverty in one community in Gualan, Guatemala.  Education is the key to breaking this cycle of poverty.

We have begun classes to teach anyone young or old to read and write.  The teachers and books are provided by the government in Guatemala.  We provide the classroom and all additional pencils, paper, etc.  The students meet weekdays for 2 hours each day.  We are excited to provide yet another way to be a hand up, not just another hand out.  In addition we have other programs where we provide school supplies, shoes, and clothing to school age children and strongly encourage their families to keep them in school.  When we first started working with this village a little over 2 years ago, very few children attended school.  Now, a high percentage of the school age children attend school.  With our new facility and teachers our goal is 100%!

Also this week, we will begin our women’s health and family planning classes.  Children are an inheritance from the Lord!  However, if you can’t afford to feed your children, you should not be having more.  I know this may be controversial for some folks, but if you are extremely poor and your family was extremely poor, and no one has ever taught you about family planning and birth control, the cycle of poverty will continue.  Again, education is the key we are finding in ALL areas.  We will also have some help from the government in Guatemala to provide some of this teaching and contraceptives.

We are making a difference.  It begins with the heart of one child, spreads to their family, and then the whole village.  God’s love in action through our team!  Will you partner with us in prayer and financial support?  We need partners to pray for us daily!  And we need partners to help us pay our bills!  Just $25 monthly can make a huge difference in a child’s life.  Click on our donate button or visit our website