Getting My Hands Dirty

Getting my hands dirty

One thing I have never been afraid to do is get my hands dirty.  But reaching into the unknown is a reach of faith.  I was thinking ok what is going to bite me or grab me and pull me in.  Believe it or not, this is the start of the village water supply.  There is a natural spring here that trickles down into this concrete box.  And once or twice a year all the mud, roots, and whatever else finds its way in needs cleaned out.  From here it goes into another larger concrete box, which I did not crawl down into…I have my limits.  From there the water then travels 2 miles down the mountain to another concrete holding tank.  It is then gravity fed to their homes.

Getting my hands dirty2

Here I am painting a widow’s house and store.  We were able to supply all the materials to bless her and give her home and small store a makeover in Jesus name!  What a blessing it is to be a blessing!