Helping Provide Comfort in Guatemala

FranciscoWhere Francisco sleptFrancisco's new bed
I first saw Francisco scooting himself in his chair on the side of the street as we drove by.  I asked if anyone knew him and what his story was.  I was told that he is about 35 years old and has been handicapped all of his life.  He can not walk and has very limited use of his hands and therefore does not work.  He lives with his Grandmother and other relatives.  What fascinated me was his determination.  He did not let his handicap keep him in one place.  He figured out a way to scoot his chair with short legs around.  Everyday Francisco takes a bus from San Juan to San Pedro to sit and beg for money.  Then he returns home in the evening.

We sent down a PET cart (Personal Energy Transportation) for him.  This is like a hand powered cart 3 wheeled bike.  This will help Francisco get around a little easier.  When the cart arrived and was taken out to Francisco by our family members in Guatemala, he was very grateful and appreciated the thought.  But he was unable to use it because of his severe disability in his hands.  What he said next really made me stop and count my blessings.  He said, tell them thank you but I can’t use it.  Tell them if they really want to help me, can they buy me a bed?

You see Francisco was sleeping on a straw mat on the cold dirt floor of his home.  Although Francisco lived there and had shelter, he was pretty much on his own.  He could not afford to buy a bed.  So on our next trip, we went straight to the factory where beds were made and bought Francisco a very comfortable bed.  As you can see in the photos, Francisco was so happy, and so grateful.  And God already had plans for the cart that we had planned for Francisco.  But that is another story….

We are led by the Holy Spirit, we are HIS hands to do HIS work to bring HIM the Glory!