Land and Well Purchased for Future Project

Future Site of Well # 4 and Greenhouse Project

I am so excited to announce that His Hands International has just purchased the land rights for a new well and possible future greenhouse project.  God continues to amaze me how He works and how much He cares for the poor.  When I was first told that there was a property available to purchase and it already had a deep well and a partially finished mud brick hut, I got excited!  First and foremost we desperately need a well in this area for the 15 families that live in this area.  Secondly, I started thinking about the idea of having a home in Limones among the people we love and serve.  As I prayed and shared this with our team in Guatemala, we all began to pray and seek guidance as to the best use of the land.

As I was driving one day, I began thinking about my own greenhouse here on our Virginia farm and what all I had to do to get it ready for the growing season.  Then the Lord reminded me why I put it up, to learn and then teach folks in Guatemala.  Immediately, this property came to mind.  So excitedly I floated the idea to our team in Guatemala and Lord willing we will be moving forward with this project in the coming months.  Now we will have a location to teach folks how to growth their own healthy food in a natural way.  The food grown will be used to help feed a village of over 300 children and growing!

For now, the fund raising begins.  We need to raise at least $6500 to deepen and clean the well, install concrete rings, gravel, and concrete to protect the water source below ground.  Above ground we need to build a well house on top of the well to protect the water source.  A tall tower to hold the water tank that will provide a source of natural pressure to flow out to the sinks.  And a galvanized steel structure above the tanks to hold our solar panels which will provide power for the well pump, lighting for the area, and power for our use on the property.  The well house will house our batteries, controllers, and all the electronics for the water system and the greenhouse.

For the greenhouse project we need to raise at least $2500 to begin to purchase all the materials we will need to construct the greenhouse and prepare the area.  Again, I am very excited to start this new project that will benefit and feed so many.  As far as the partially finished mud hut, we are still praying what to do with that.  We will probably donate the bricks to another family that can use them or if no one wants them, it will be recycled into the ground for our plants.  Either way it will be put to good use.  And we will see in the future how God leads for a home or some other use for this land that will glorify HIS name.

To make a donation to this project, click the Donate button to the right or you can send a check to the address shown.  We are His hands, to do HIS work, to bring HIM the GLORY!!!