Medical Mission

From time to time we are blessed to have Doctors and Nurses come along with us on short term medical mission trips to provide free medical care to the people of Guatemala.  We started out going through the village from house to house visiting and seeing if there were any needs.  Word gets out fast and before we knew it, we were surrounded by mothers with their babies and young children.  So we set up a little clinic in someone’s kitchen and began seeing patients one by one, and sometimes family by family.  We saw sick babies that needed medicine, children with skin infections, children with lazy eyes, women with head and neck pain, (stop carrying things on your head), to children with respiratory and other serious issues.

We even had a clown to help keep the children occupied while they waited to see the Doc.  We were able to purchase and distribute antibiotics and other medicine to the ones who needed.  These families do not have the money to take their children to the Doctors and there is not a medical clinic close by.  What we did is a short term fix.  We hopefully can do something one day to provide more help.  What a blessing it is to be the hands and feet of Jesus!

We are HIS hands to do HIS work to bring HIM the Glory!