Metropolitan Baptist Church Brooklyn Being the Hands of Jesus

It always amazes me how God works through HIS people and sends us the folks we need with just the right talents.  We had 3 people from MBCB, and 1 from our home church Waters Edge Community Church Clarksville, plus my daughter and myself and our team in Guatemala.  We were small in number, but mighty in Spirit!  We had several maintenance type projects scheduled for this week in order to help maintain the facilities we use to reach many children and families for Christ.

But first things first, we spent the first half of our first day, with our group prayer walking the old rail line in Los Limones where the poorest of poor live in poverty.  These are the people who our social center project is designed to help.  We wanted our group to have a personal connection with the children, families, and the poverty they live in.  Have an opportunity to pray for them and share a word of testimony and encouragement as they visit their homes.  We always make this our first priority to allow the Holy Spirit to touch mission team members hearts and set the tone for the week.  Time after time, I have witnessed God do amazing things through His Spirit with this approach.

One of the projects was to repair some walls and put a fresh coat of paint on the walls of the social center.  The team got right to work and in a very short time had the walls scraped, prepped and painted in our dining hall.  One of the other projects was an ongoing electrical project on the second floor, to finish the wiring for our classroom and multi-purpose room.  Once again, the Lord sent us just the right person with expertise in the electrical field to complete the tasks needed.  Another project was to install a water filtration system to clean up the water coming into the center and make it safe for everyone to drink.

Our work was not just about building and maintaining the property, but also to invest love and time into the children that used the center.  The team helped feed the children twice that week and spent some time interacting with them as part of their 3 hour program.  Twice a week our team in Guatemala brings about 80 impoverished children to the center to be fed, checked by a Doctor if needed, given basic instructions on hygiene, manors, and life skills, and most importantly they are taught God’s word and encouraged to memorize Bible verses.  They spend time singing, playing games, and being taught in a VBS or Bible Club like atmosphere.  The goal is that we change these children’s lives, they will take what they learn home and share with their family.  This program goes hand in hand with our normal weekly home visits in Los Limones.

In addition this week, our team participated in an extreme home makeover for a families kitchen.  Their kitchen was an open air kitchen with a piece of plastic full of holes.  Our team helped build a kitchen out of lumber with a tin roof.  The family was extremely grateful for this blessing on the health of their family.  Small projects like this can cost very little, but make a huge impact on a family’s life.  This act of kindness and love now opens the door for us to better witness to this family in the future.  By showing God’s love without expecting anything in return, has proven an effective witnessing tool for us.  Time and time again these little projects have allowed us to be a witness and see lives come to Christ.

We are changing lives in this village, bringing them hope, one child, and one family at a time.  Will you partner with us to help continue our work?  A small donation of $24 puts shoes on the feet of at least 6 children, $300 feeds 100 children at the center for 1 day and provides medical care and all the services mentioned above.  We are looking to add 4 more days a month to our feeding center schedule but lack the funds to do it at this time.  We are looking for 4 partners or churches to step up and help us financially make this happen.  Please contact us 888-908-5154 for more information.