Micro Enterprise Making a Difference

Hand Crafted Bags Are Ready

As reported in an earlier story we funded a micro enterprise for the women in Los Limones.  We hired a teacher to instruct them how to knit.  The women met on Fridays with Sarai our Project Coordinator and the teacher for a short devotional and then began to knit together learning new techniques.  They learned really quick and we have brough our first 6 bags back with us.

The cost of the materials for each bag is roughly $5.  We are asking for a $15-20 donation for each bag.  We will hold back $2 of each bag and open a savings account in the crafters name.  In addition we will teach them how to budget their money to buy more materials for their business.  Once more materials for their next project have been bought, they will be free to use the remaining money for their family.

This my friends is how you end poverty.  One child, one person, one family, one village at a time.

We are HIS hands, to do HIS work, to bring HIM the glory!