Miracle of the Multiplying Clothing & Shoes

Sometimes we just have to stand back and say, “Wow God!”  Having committed my life to serving God in Guatemala, I have seen HIM do amazing and miraculous things over the years, that continues to amaze me, even after 11 years of HIS continual faithfulness.  I still get blown away.  This was another of those events. We collect new tennis shoes and gently used children’s clothing all year-long.  We then ship it to Guatemala once a year through Hope of Life, the initial ministry that brought us to Guatemala.  In addition, each trip we make throughout the year, and with local teams, suitcases are packed with more supplies that have come in.

Thanks in part to Flat River Baptist Association of Churches who has helped us in a mighty way, and our own church Waters Edge Community Church, we had 31 boxes that were shipped.  In addition we had another 8 boxes and suitcases that were taken with us on our February WECC mission trip.

Day 1 we began to open the boxes and further sort the shoes and clothing into their various categories.  As boxes were opened it got a little chaotic as pre-sorted clothing got mixed together, making for a little more work.  Our Project Coordinator had a list for each family with a photo of the family members and their ages and sizes.  At times the task at hand looked overwhelming as the piles of shoes and clothing were not being depleted as we filled the bags.  We began to put even more things in the bags for the families and the piles of shoes and clothing remained the same.  I told the team to take notice, we were witnessing a miracle, just like Jesus did when He fed the 5000.

After every child, and every family received a bag with shoes and clothing, we still had piles of shoes and clothing left over.  If I recall 12 bags full!  These shoes and clothing made it out to more needy families around Gualan, into the mountains about an hour away, and even up into the jungle mountains several hours away.  Every child heard the Gospel message that Jesus loves them and cares for them.  How cool is that!

This is what we do.  This is the heart of our ministry.  Providing a need, and sharing the Gospel in a practical way.  If you like what you see, please get involved.  We have a growing monthly budget and need faithful supporters like you.  Please consider making an automatic monthly donation or even a one time gift, anything is greatly appreciated.  Just click the donation link or send a check.