PET Personal Energy Transportation

Proverbs 21:13 Whoever shuts their ears to the cry of the poor will also cry out and not be answered.

We were blessed by Gleaning for the World to present another PET for another child unable to walk. This family has two children that can’t walk. Their mother said what a blessing the one has been to them. It has given the children a fun way to get around, and it has increased their muscle strength through exercise.  Now both children can get around and play together.  She said we were Angels sent by God to help her children.

The mission of Personal Energy Transportation (P.E.T.) International is:

“To reflect the love of Jesus Christ by bringing mobility and dignity to those in developing countries who have lost the ability to walk.”

We accomplish this through a network of interdependent affiliate manufacturing shops throughout the United States.  At these locations the three wheeled self propelled P.E.T. carts are funded through donors on the local level and built by volunteers.  Our intent is that the P.E.T. carts be provided to the physically disabled in developing countries at no cost to them.

You can visit their web site at

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