Project Illumination

Imagine you live in an extremely poor village that has no access to electricity.  You leave your home before sunrise to walk or ride your bicycle to work and return well after dark.  The pathway is a dirt road which used to be railway many years ago.  The walk or ride to your home which is constructed from sticks, bamboo, and covered in plastic is about a miles walk or ride from the main highway.  On this particular night, there is no moonlight, only the light from the stars which is absolutely beautiful to look up and behold the beauty of God.  However, you are really tired and just want to get home to your family.  So as you make your way through the dark on your bicycle, in the distance you see a bright light, like the light shining from a lighthouse guiding ships safely through the night.  Only this light is providing a beacon of hope as it lights up the water tower and everything around it.

Then you notice another smaller, dimmer light, along the side of the road up on a pole, lighting your pathway.  As you get closer it was like the light saw you coming and got brighter.  As you continued your journey on your way home to your family, this same scenario repeated several times.  No more close calls to running over sleeping dogs or objects like old tires left in the road from the children playing earlier that day.  Now, you can make your way home safely to your family.  And when you arrive home, you find your home seems a little brighter than the normal candle light.  It seems while you were working, God heard your prayers to help your family.  Now for the first time, your family has a solar powered light source that will continue to provide a safe and free source of light for many years.

His Hands International continues to be a witness for Jesus Christ in practical ways.  By being the hands and feet of Jesus, we bring hope to what used to be the hopeless, we bring joy to the joyless, and we shine our light, to reflect the LIGHT of JESUS!  All of our work is in vain, if we ourselves are not a mirror, reflecting the love of Jesus, and giving all the glory back to HIM for HIS provisions!  Project illumination is a very inexpensive project with a major impact.  For right around $25 we can install a solar powered, motion detector street light or a solar powered light bulb for a family.  We have many more families and miles of road that we would like to illuminate.  Will you help us reflect the light of Jesus?