Second Well Under Construction

Two Wells In One Year!  Praise God!

I can not begin to tell you how excited we are, that God provided a second well within a year, for the folks in Los Limones Guatemala.  And just like that in God’s perfect timing, He provides the funds for another well.  Now this village of over 500 will have a second well to provide clean safe drinking water.  Not only that, but we are building a bathing area where families can come and wash with clean water.  Hopefully, this will keep them out of the nasty germ and bacteria laden river, where they continue to bath and wash their clothes and dishes.

We are working with one family at a time, teaching the importance of proper hygiene and using clean water to wash with.  The families that have embraced our teaching, have seen the health of their family change for the better.  We are bringing them hope in the name of Jesus!  As we continue to help in practical ways, we are earning their trust, family by family.  Then we can make a huge difference in the entire village.

This is the beginning stages of cleaning and deepening the well to make it usable by more people.  Soon construction will begin on the tower for the water tank and solar panels, which we are taking to Guatemala in a few weeks.  Again, we are excited and extremely greatful to the donors for providing this incredible blessing of life!  If you would like to help provide clean water in Guatemala, please visit our web site to make an online donation or mail a check to His Hands International 1874 Daniels Road Boydton, VA  23917.