Waters Edge Comminity Church Helps Build a Clinic

On February 17, 2017 a team of 14 left from the Waters Edge Community Church parking lot in Clarksville, VA at 3AM to head to Guatemala for a week of being the hands and feet of Jesus.  The main task was to begin the construction on a new medical clinic which to offer low-cost or free sonograms to people in need.  Future plans are to include pregnancy care as well.

The team got right to work hand carrying the tons and tons of sand, gravel, and concrete, bucket by bucket to the second floor where the construction work was taking place.  Faithfully, one bucket at a time the materials made it all to the second floor, where the materials ultimately got mixed together and turned into concrete.  Which then required more buckets to be lifted to the roof of the formed structure.

The team did an amazing job.  Their hard work paid off.  For the first time in Guatemalan history, the clinic was completely under roof in one week.  This folks is a miracle, and shows God’s hand.  Nothing….gets done in Guatemala that quick.  We are praising God for safety and folks willing to give their all for Jesus!  We are also praising God how HE provided all the funds for this project.

The construction of the clinic is completed and paid for.  However we have a few more things to raise money for and complete.  Such as windows and a door, furniture, a sonogram machine, and other medical equipment.  We still need to buy and install safety railing along the walkway, and stairway.  If you would like to help with these other items, or any other projects, we sure would appreciate it!