Adobe Brick Oven Kitchen Project

I absolutely love this project and how the community continues to come together and get involved, especially involving the children in teaching them life skills!  How do you end poverty?  Through education and encouragement, one child, one family, and one village at a time!  His Hands International is committed to ending poverty in Los Limones, as long as it takes.

God continues to inspire new projects through our team, and funding from generous donors to allow us the freedom to start new projects like this.  This outdoor kitchen addition to our church/educational center in Limones will allow us the opportunity to teach yet another life skill to the women and men in the community.  This adobe and brick oven will use very little wood and allow for a variety of goodies to be baked.  From breads, cakes, pizzas, and so much more can be made and enjoyed by all.  Already we have 40 ladies enrolled in the cooking classes that will begin in a few weeks, once the oven is fully cured and the kitchen area finished.

Our educational center in Limones is such a blessing to us.  Not only are we using this building as our church, but also as an educational center and so much more to help break this cycle of poverty.  We can not do this on our own.  We need generous partners who will step up and give on a regular basis to help support work like this.  Look how happy these children are to help!  What a blessing to see a hunger and desire to learn, and not be afraid to get your hands dirty.  Just $25 monthly can help us make a huge difference.  Will you go to our website and make a monthly donation and get involved?  God will reward you!