David Varner CHE Certified Trainer of Trainers


Last year I began praying about what we can do to help those we work with in Guatemala to help themselves.  So many times we get caught up in trying to help alleviate “economic problems” we come across, we fail to realize that we are just putting a band-aide on the problem and making things worse.  We have been doing what we as American’s think is good for the people we work with, and besides, it makes us feel good to give stuff away and help others.  Not all bad, but instead of helping, it is causing a dependency on us and not really getting to the root of the problem.  As short term-rs we don’t stick around long enough to see the real problems nor do we come up with a solution.  I am speaking in general to short term missions.

We have seen this first hand ourselves in our own mission.  In April 2013 we had new shoes and clothing to give out as an outreach, we had about 50 children show up.  In December 2013 we had about 250 show up for our give away.  Needless to say we did not have enough shoes to go around.  It was difficult for me to have to go through the children and pick out the ones out with the worst of the worst shoes.  At the time, I made a mental note to never not have enough shoes for the children again.  Looking back now after this training, I see things in a whole new perspective.  There were children who showed up who really did not need a new pair of shoes.  But word got out from April that we gave out good quality tennis shoes and thus I inadvertently created a problem.  Good intentions, wrong way of doing it.

Through the CHE or Community Health Education or Evangelism program I have learned to take a “Holistic Approach”, just as Jesus did in His ministry.  Jesus not only met physical needs, but He met the Spiritual needs as well.  This approach works!  We want to be problem solvers by empowering the people to help themselves and getting the entire community involved in the process.  This is going to take a lot of prayer and a lot of work, but in the end, the results will be life changing!

As a Certified CHE Trainer of Trainers, this gives me access to Schools, Governments, and so much more.  I am able to implement this Health Education and Evangelism Program and train them how to do it and then train others.    This gives them ownership and empowers them to work together to better their community through a more healthy and moral lifestyle.  We will together help train them to live a life and make choices that are pleasing to God.

I am excited to begin this work Lord willing in a few months from now.  My wife and I are looking for a place to rent in Guatemala while we build the educational center, mission home, medical clinic, and lastly our home.  We plan on visiting every home in Buena Vista and getting to know the people and introducing this program for them.  Pray with us, that God will prepare our hearts and theirs to receive His message, pray for us to find a home in this area, pray for us to have the funds we need for our living expenses and the construction projects, and lastly to be able to purchase a 4×4 truck.  I have no doubt that God will provide in His special way.

If you have not partnered with us yet, we would welcome the opportunity for you to receive a blessing.  I have experienced in my own life the joy of giving, and can testify that you can not out give God!

We are HIS hands to do HIS work to bring HIM the GLORY!!!