The Story of Reina Verónica

One afternoon in Gualan as I was measuring the children’s feet for new shoes, I noticed the little girl I was measuring had wart like bumps all over her little feet, ankles, legs, and arms.  Immediately I asked Brother Giovanny what was going on with her and how could we help.  He explained that she had some sort of blood infection and needed to see a Doctor and get some medicine.  I asked Brother Giovanny to send me her background information and we would see what we could do.

Reina Verónica is part of Redemption Social Service Centers program, and receives food, medical care, and Bible School type classes.   She has had skin problems for more than a year.  Her condition has worsened and therefore requires specialized attention that the center does not provide.  She has been referred to a specialist skin clinic in the capital city.  Her parents are extremely poor with two additional children and do not have the resources for her medical treatment, nor does the center have the resources to help her.

In steps His Hands International.  We provided the funds to cover all the expenses for the skin specialist in Guatemala City along with the medicine and follow up visit.  Within just a few days of receiving the medicine her skin began to clear.  Today, she is a normal little girl with clear skin.  Glory to God!

I always tell people they need to listen to that still small voice, follow their heart, and then step out in faith and do something.  Don’t worry about where the money is going to come from, just step out in faith and do something!

If you would like to help us make a difference in children like Reina Verónica, please pray for us first, then if you would like to help financially, please see our home page under Online Donations.  If you are interested in going to Guatemala, please see our Mission Trip section for more information.