Christmas Shoes for Guatemala Project Keeps Two Girls in School

What a true blessing it is when you are able to see first hand the blessing that you are being to others, because you obeyed God’s calling and direction in your life. What a tragedy it would have been for these girls and hundreds of other children in Guatemala had I not listened to that still small voice telling me to make a difference in their lives. Provided them shoes, clothing, medical care, and an education, all in Jesus’ name. Not only would the hundreds of children we have blessed missed out, so would’ve we. We are truly blessed to be a blessing to others.

One of these little girls was the inspiration behind our Christmas Shoes for Guatemala Project. On our last visit to Guatemala we found out that she also had a sister that we did not previously meet. Today, thanks to a very good friend Carmen Vargas, who is my right arm in this region, took the girls shopping for the new school year which starts soon. Their grandmother who takes care of them can not afford these things, just like most other families in Guatemala. Through our ministry, we pay for the supplies, uniforms, shoes, and school fees for these two girls. We make a difference where we can with the limited resources that we are blessed with.

Our desire is to be a blessing to many more children in Guatemala that have needs. We would like to have a school for poor children and provide a good education. We would like to have a clinic to help with preventative type care and education. We would also like to have a mission home so we can lead missions trips so that others can experience being a blessing, and maybe even be called to a lifetime of service like we were.

My wife and I have been missionaries in Guatemala since God called us in 2005 to serve Him there. We are not privileged to be on the mission field full time like others, but does that make us any less missionaries for God? I think not. God calls us all to serve Him. Some are able to serve full time like we once did. Others, are called to use the talents that God gave. We faithfully use the talents and resources that God has blessed us with. We are making a difference, one child, one family, one village at a time.

But our mission, God’s vision, is bigger than I am. Can God provide for these needs through one family, God is God and can do anything. But in my heart, I feel there are other people out there that God wants to richly bless like He has our family. We need you. The children need you. And God wants to bless you. We may not have the flashiest web site. But I can ashore you, the photos are real, and the people and stories are real.

What talents has God given you? If you do not use them for Him, He will take them away and give them to someone else who will faithfully use them for Him. Pray for these children. Pray that we can continue to make a difference. And pray for God to use your talents for Him.

We are HIS hands to do HIS work to bring HIM the Glory!

Selah! (Take a moment and pause and reflect on what God has done)

*I have known the meaning to the term “Selah” for years. But never really grasped what is was to Selah until the Lord brought a little girl named Selah into our church families lives last month. Little Selah was born almost 3 months early. Her parents picked out her name months before she was born. For 23 days this little life caused us to Selah, stop, pray, and ask God for healing and comfort and to reflect on His goodness, mercy and compassion. God has forever changed our church family through this little one named Selah. Today, we had a Selah-bration service that she is now in the arms of Jesus. He did hear our prayers and healed her. But He has done something more through this little life. So every time I see the word Selah, I will do just that. I will stop and reflect, and remember what God has done, and is going to do as a result of this little girl now in HIS arms….Selah