Teaching A Trade To Help Support Their Family

The old saying, “Time Is Money” is true.

We have been brainstorming for ways to employ and provide an income for the families in Los Limones.  Our team in Guatemala noticed that the ladies had lots of idle time.  So why not turn that time into money?  Sarai, our Project Coordinator, (my right hand), asked if we could provide funding to teach the ladies a class on knitting?  “Buena Idea”, good idea was my response, yes.  So for two weeks now, every Friday afternoon, the ladies gather in the village and are taught how to knit by an instructor we have hired.

We made the initial investment in the goods needed to start this program and hire the instructor.  As the ladies learn their craft, they are also being taught how to handle and take care of the product they are making to sell.  Once their hand-made items are completed, the items, such as purses, hats, and other goods will be taken to market to sell.  We will eventually bring these goods back to the United States to offer for a donation, of which 100% will go back to the lady who crafted.  She will then be responsible for using the money to buy more yarn, needles, and other materials for her business.

This micro enterprise can make a difference in a family’s life.  It teaches them a skill, it gives them responsibilities, and it builds confidence.  Just another way we are committed to helping one child, one family, and one village at a time in Guatemala.  Together, we can do more for Christ!

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