Water Restored After Major Flooding Washes Away Water Pipe

I received a call from one of the villages we work with in Guatemala informing me of a major flood that washed away their main water supply pipe.  The water supply for the village originates about 2 miles up in the mountain at a natural spring.  The water is carried down the mountain in a plastic pipe to a holding tank where it is then distributed to the village.  The pipe ran across a normally dry creek bed suspended in the air.  The problem was that the water was so high and strong that it washed the tubing away.  The people in the village did not have the funds to replace the damaged and washed away sections.

His Hands International stepped in and purchased the tubing, cable, and everything necessary to restore the villages water supply.  The photos show some of the people that volunteered from the village to fix the pipes.  We are blessed to be able to help provide water in the name of Jesus!

We are HIS hands to do HIS work to bring HIM the Glory!